Collection Services

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Representing Creditors’ Interests

Zarzaur & Schwartz drives successful collection services through integrity, service, and consistency. 

Zarzaur & Schwartz, PC practices in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee. For more than 25 years, Zarzaur & Schwartz has worked to provide a positive consumer and client experience to generate recovery for banks, automotive loan/lease lenders, commercial lenders, retail lenders, credit card issuers, debt purchasers, student loan lenders, healthcare providers, landlords, and more.

We embrace transparency, respect, responsibility, and teamwork, holding ourselves and one another to excellence. By driving ourselves and others to achieve, we remain consistent in service and results, steadfastly generating peak performance. Our concern for what is appropriate, right, and for the wider benefit of us all guides our responses and understanding as we discern sound judgment and communicate with consumers and clients with transparency and respect. 

Focused Legal Solutions for Creditors

Our experienced team of attorneys maintains its foundation in the practice of creditors’ rights, particularly and primarily in the area of legal collections. Zarzaur & Schwartz, PC represents creditors to obtain judgment orders, judgment renewals, and domestication of foreign judgments as necessary to proceed with legal collection remedies. Our attorneys are skilled in the appropriate application of judgment enforcement actions to assist creditors with the recovery of outstanding accounts. Zarzaur & Schwartz also provides arbitration enforcement services and pre/post-charge-off collections.

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Compliant Litigation Services

We remain current and well-versed in the local and federal regulatory requirements and jurisdictional guidelines to ensure we consistently provide creditors with the reputable, compliant, and reliable representation critical for successful recovery. Our focused solutions are streamlined and effective. With diligence, integrity, and attention to detail, we pursue the means necessary to generate recovery when legal action is deemed the best course of action.

Refined Workflow

Reach a new level of recovery through our effective legal strategy and workflow. Through efficient process management and responsive communications, we walk our clients through our workflow with the experience and understanding we’ve gained in over two decades of practice. From pre-litigation to post-judgment execution, our attorneys remain keenly involved to ensure the protection of client and consumer rights as well as client brand reputation throughout the process.

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Judgment Enforcement Services

When working with existing judgments, legal enforcement action is often the necessary option for clients seeking effective recovery of past-due balances. Zarzaur & Schwartz, PC methodically creates cash flow from stagnant accounts through the application of liens, wage garnishments, and bank garnishments, as appropriate. We work with careful diligence, compliance and reputation management ever in mind as we create the necessary avenues to assist creditors in recovering what is owed.

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